How $1 trillion platinum coin would work

Platinum-Coin Punditry Poses Threat to Dollar
Wall Street Journal
By now you have probably heard of the frenzied Twitter debate unleashed by the suggestion that the U.S. government deposit a freshly minted $1 trillion coin at the Federal Reserve as a ploy to sidestep its debt-ceiling standoff with Congress.

A Trillion-Dollar Coin Brings a Jackpot of Jests
New York Times
WASHINGTON — A bizarre but seemingly legal idea to get around the country's debt ceiling using a trillion-dollar coin is having its day in Washington. The proposal, which originated in economics and business blogs and has a vanishingly remote chance of ...

Fox News fails to understand how $1 trillion platinum coin would work
As talk of a possible $1 trillion coin continue to build the misunderstanding of the concept appears to be growing with it. As documented by Talking Points Memo, today

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