Do You Hear What I Hear? Christmas shows, music, songs 2012

The best (and best-worst) of the season's new Christmas music
CNN International
For some of you, the focus on Christmas shifted roughly 20 minutes after swallowing the last bite of Thanksgiving pie and you set out to find the best spot for your Black Friday tent.

21 Actually Funny Christmas Songs (VIDEOS)
Huffington Post
But the likes of "South Park," The Lonely Island and Weird Al have transcended the limitations of the genre to create some Christmas music that are seasonal staples as much as Vincent Guarini or Nat King Cole. Listen to them all, why don't you? Loading ...

Do You Hear What I Hear? Holidays
New York Times
“Twelfth Night: Renaissance Christmas Music,” with works by Sweelinck, Des Prez and others, performed by the New York Virtuoso Sextet with musical accompaniment on hand-held percussion instruments.

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