'V for Vendetta' Hacktivist releases single on Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember: 'V for Vendetta' writer releases single on Guy Fawkes Day Zap2it.com
Alan Moore, the same man who reminded us to "remember, remember, the fifth of November" in "V for Vendetta," has done something a little special for Guy Fawkes Day this year. He has teamed up with musician Joe Brown and created a song called "The ...

Hacktivists set up Guy Fawkes protest BBC News
Some of the hacked websites displayed a rhyme about 5 November, when Guy Fawkes's attempt to destroy Parliament in 1605 is marked in the UK. Paypal and security firm Symantec said they were investigating whether they had also been compromised.

Anonymous Did Not Hack PayPal New York Times
They said the attack was part of a much larger hacking campaign, involving PayPal, Symantec, several Australian government

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