#UP Zoe Saldana To Play Nina Simone, Fans Outraged

Zoe Saldana To Play Nina Simone, Fans Outraged
Legendary songstress Nina Simone often sang about the heartache that comes with looking different, with having only a shallow pool of self esteem to draw from, and with living for years with a complex about one’s appearance. She often spoke …

Zoe Saldana And The Nina Simone Controversy, Explained
Zoe Saldana is one of the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood, but her elite status hasn't shielded her from the darts of the entertainment industry. After Saldana was chosen by "Nina" director Cynthia Mort to play deceased soul goddess Nina Simone, the public and the media buffeted Saldana and the "Nina" team with frenzied criticism, claiming the casting was a cruel disservice to Simone's legacy.

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