Steve Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 marks Microsoft's 'all-in' moment

Windows Phone 8 marks Microsoft's 'all-in' moment on smartphones, says Ballmer
Software giant launches third version of mobile operating system as it tries to make up ground against Apple's iPhone and Google Android Steve Ballmer said on Monday that Microsoft, its developers, software and hardware partners were "all in" on Windows Phone 8 - a phrase that will resonate with poker players making a final stand by putting all their chips on a last hand. Ballmer, the company's ...

Fact Check: Microsoft's Claims About App Numbers for Windows Phone
Apps have been a problem for Windows Phone since its launch in 2010. The lack of popular apps has been one of the main reasons people don’t want to buy or switch to a Windows Phone handset.
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What Will Be The Impact Of Microsoft's Mythical Windows Phone When It Is Announced?
The rumors of Microsoft building their own Windows Phone refuse to die. Fueled by statements from Steve Ballmer to the BBC ("Is it fair to say we're going to do more hardware? Obviously we are..."), the Wall Street Journal's anonymous sources ("Microsoft... is working with component suppliers in Asia to test its own smartphone design"), and numerous hints from various technology sites that 'they ...

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