Perhaps Richard Stallman Has The Solution To Software Patents? see XKCD cartoon

Perhaps Richard Stallman Has The Solution To Software Patents?
For those who don't know who Richard Stallman is, well, he's one of the great gurus. Replace blogging with programming in this XKCD cartoon, Stallman for Doctorow and you've about got it. This does not mean that Stallman is always correct but it does mean that he's always interesting. And [...]

FTC staff recommends Google be sued over patents: source
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Federal Trade Commission staff report has recommended that the government sue Google for violating U.S. antitrust law because it asked courts to stop the sale of some products that infringe its essential patents, a source told Reuters Thursday. The five-member commission is inclined to vote in favor of suing Google Inc, the Internet search engine company, according to ...

Let's Limit the Effect of Software Patents, Since We Can't Eliminate Them
Patents threaten every software developer, and the patent wars we have long feared have broken out. Software developers and software users – which in our society, is most people – need software to be free of patents.
Wired News

Richard Stallman

XKCD cartoon, by Randall Munroe

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