Students, US Troops, Women Discuss Paying Student Loans

52% of College Graduates Have Either No Job or Poorly Paying Jobs. This is the real problem; not name calling distractions.

Students Discuss Paying Student Loans
Thousands of college students who graduated last year got more than a degree, many of those students also have student loans to pay back. College students discussed their loans and how the expect to pay them off.

Study: U.S. troops face fight paying off student loans
Despite federal programs aimed at helping members of the U.S. military with their student loan debt, many troops are having trouble paying off those obligations.
FOX 24 Macon

How Real Women Paid Off Debt
Whether you’re facing down student loans or a mountain of credit card bills, it can seem like you’ll never be able to pay off all of it–or even make a serious dent.

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