Mortgage rates: Refinancings surge amid record-low rates; After Federal Reserve Announces Stimulus; what you need to know about tax write-offs

Mortgage refinancings surge amid record-low rates
The Federal Reserve has touched off the biggest mortgage refinancing wave since 2009 by driving the interest rates on 30-year mortgages to record lows near 3.5 percent. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported Wednesday morning that applications for refinances surged 20 percent last week to the highest levels since 2009. The ...
The Washington Times

Tax breaks for refinancing your mortgage
With mortgage interest rates at historically low levels, refinancing might be an attractive proposition--even if your last refinancing deal was not too long ago. Here’s what you need to know about tax write-offs when refinancing your principal residence.
Market Watch

U.S. Mortgage Rates Fall to Record Lows After Federal Reserve Announces Stimulus Measures Focused on Mortgage-Backed ...
The housing bubble burst dealt a major blow to mortgage insurers as foreclosures soared leaving companies' balance sheets filled with large unpaid loans. Conditions have improved drastically for the industry ...

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