Mitt Romney takes control at first debate; Incumbent Debate Curse; smoother than Barack Obama; Likes Big Bird

Mitt Romney takes control at first debate
The president was subdued Wednesday, while his challenger rebounded from a tough month.

Economy in focus during Obama, Romney showdown
CBS News - ‎19 minutes ago‎
Updated 11:09 pm ET After months of heated, sometimes nasty, campaigning, President Obama and Mitt Romney meet in the same room on the same stage for the first time Wednesday night for the first of three debates, this one focusing specifically on the ...

Obama, Romney clash on economy in first debat
Romney, Obama spar on the economy Philadelphia Inquirer
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Opinion:Filler: Mitt Romney wins the first debate by being smoother than Barack Obama New

'I like PBS, I love Big Bird'
But despite his love for the 'Sesame Street' character, Romney says he'd end PBS's subsidy if elected.

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