Breast cancer updates: Geographic links analysed; A simple blood test; Male breast cancer

Breast cancer: Geographic links analysed
Breast cancer is about twice as likely in New Zealand women than in those living closer to the equator, an Australian study has found.The Westmead Breast Cancer Institute study, to be presented at a conference in Sydney tonight,...

MAKING STRIDES: Male breast cancer survivor speaks out
Continuing our commitment to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer... male breast cancer is a rare condition, accounting for only about 1 percent of all breast cancers. But it still happens and the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis are the same for men as for women. ...
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A simple blood test: Genetic mutations and breast cancer
When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, you have a lot of questions. The biggest question is why. Why did this happen to me now, when I am only 30 years old? A simple blood test answered the question for me

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