'American Horror Story: Asylum' review; On Fox

'American Horror Story: Asylum' review
Washington Post
The first season of “American Horror Story” gave us men in rubber bondage suits, teenage murderers, ghost housekeepers with extremely active libidos, very creepy pregnancies and nosy neighbor Jessica Lange repeatedly gnawing on every corner of ...

Fox Settles 'American Horror Story' Legal Spat Over 'Zombie Boy' Tattoo ...
Hollywood Reporter
Rick Genest, a Canadian model who appeared in Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video and has been called "Zombie Boy," is known for his distinctive skeletal body art, which he has copyrighted.

Is "American Horror Story" the future of TV?
And no Ryan Murphy show has so unapologetically announced its presence in this manner as FX's American Horror Story, a show which entered the crowded field of serial television like a suicide bomber.

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