Is Obama A Job Creator? New Analysis Says Yes; Is this Analysis Done by an economic light-weight?

Dumb Media Biased Analysis
Obama may be a job creator after all
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Republicans may soon lose a key talking point. According to data released Thursday, President Obama may now be a net job creator. In the year following Obama's inauguration, the U.S. economy lost about 4.3 million jobs. But new figures released Thursday show 4.4 million jobs have been added back since then.
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Is Obama A Job Creator? New Analysis Says Yes
Barack Obama is a job creator, new figures released by the Labor Department show. One of the key Republican talking points in the 2012 presidential election is that President Obama has failed to create jobs, something Mitt Romney knows how to do through his background in private business.

What Really Happened
  • Obama spent trillions using debt to create a few jobs (i.e. see above)
  • Debt spending cheapens all money, and accelerates inflation for food, gas, ...
  • Inflation is the biggest regressive tax on the lower and middle income class

    The rest of the analysis on tax-rates on rich/poor/corporate, liberal/conservative agendas ... is simply political nonsense.

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