Ann Coulter: Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to the Hispanics

Ann Coulter: ‘Civil rights are for blacks -- what ...
The Ticket via Yahoo! News
On ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" on Sunday, Ann Coulter said the Democratic party has shifted its strategic campaign focus to the Latino vote ahead of the November elections.

During the "This Week" roundtable's discussion of the politics of immigration reform and the Latino vote, conservative commentator Ann Coulter made the provocative claim that "Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to the Hispanics," while arguing that immigrant rights should not be considered civil rights.

Could New Voter ID Laws Really Disenfranchise 10 Million Latinos?
ABC News
Millions of Latinos may have a difficult time voting this year. New laws that require voters show proof of citizenship and photo identification at the polls -- as well as recent voter roll purges -- could hinder at least 10 million Hispanics in 23 ...

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Highly Cited:Voting laws may deter 10 million Hispanics, report says Washington Post - by Krissah Thompson

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