How Do Clocks Work? See how a group of schoolchildren respond to fun questions

Mattress with a million dollars thrown out

15 injured in pileup on foggy California highway

Jennifer and Brad's New York City Hotel Hook-up

Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie

Autopsy finds David Carradine did not hang himself

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin trade jabs with Letterman jokes

Carrie Prejean former Miss California on losing title

Harry Potter has been afflicted with ADHD! Starring Devon Kelly, Shaun Peterson,

Campaigning has reached new heights in Iran's presidential elections

President's visit to Green Bay will also bring out protesters

Pandemic - Swine flu crisis has escalated into the world's first influenza pandemic in 40 years,

David Letterman attacks Governor Sarah Palin and calls her a slut on television.

Dashcam Video what happened between a Constable's deputy and a 72-year-old woman, before she was tasered last month

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