Texas Gov. Rick Perry broke his collarbone while riding a mountain bike near his home

Julia Roberts gets all the details on Dave's recent nuptials

Dozens of people have been killed in clashes between indigenous people and police in Peru.

Ambulances carried those shot at the Holocaust Museum

Jimmy Kimmel Live with Paris Hilton, where she talks about a typical day and then she plays "Hot or Huge?"

Supporters of Iran's main pro-reform presidential candidate formed a human chain that stretched nearly the entire length of Tehran

United Nations - appears ready to to expand sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test

Dome Home - World's Greenest Homes

Pakistan - suicide attackers in a truck launched an assault on a luxury hotel commonly used by foreigners in Peshawar

Queen Latifah says she was sexually abused as a child

Donald Trump fires Carrie Prejean Miss California for violating her contract

Crews recovering bodies from NC Slim Jim plant

U.S. Holocaust Museum Guard Killed

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