Lost -Jacob on Lost Final

Wanda Sykes - is a new mother

Danny Gokey - leaves American Idol now only 2 left

Tasmanian tiger - last one, died in 1936

Jordan Sparks sings "Battlefield" on Ameriican Idol

Heel Stick test - a genetic analysis performed on newborn babies to screen for potentially fatal genetic disorders.

Katy Perry - On American Idol sang "Waking Up in Vegas"

Cheerios - FDA questions General Mills' Cheerios marketing, stop promoting as a product that can lower cholesterol levels

Zhou Yongjun - Tiananmen Square Student Leader Captured on a return visit to China

Carrie Prejean's Newly-Revealed Nipple Photos.

Danny Gokey chose Joe Crocker You Are So Beautiful for American Idol final 3, May 12

Mike Lazzo - let it be known that he’s acquired the UK-version of The Office for Adult Swim

Adam Lambert - Sang "Crying" on American Idol final 3, May 12

Kris Allen - Sang "Heartless" on American Idol final 3, May 12

Ballistic knife - Any knife which has a blade which can be projected from the handle by hand pressure applied to a button, lever

Biggest Loser 2009 - Winner Helen Phillips beat out favorite Tara Costa . Total of 2763 pounds lost this season, everyone came out a winner

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