Heroes season finale - Peter and Sylar square off in a long-awaited climax that fails to provide either enough action

18th street gang - originally formed in Los Angeles, Califas. the 18th Street gang sent out members all over the US in order to recruit

Louis Caldera - White House Military Office director has taken repsonsibility for the Air Force jetliner that buzzed New York City

Sarah Ure - Judge orders Rodman to pay Vegas casino employee Sarah Ure

Swine Flu - pig flu symptoms, pig influenza, pigs influenza

Suzie Plakson - American actress who has had several roles in various Star Trek series, notably the Klingon/Human hybrid

Chicago Larry

The Miz

Swine flu New Jersey - health officials say they've identified five probable cases of swine flu in people who recently traveled to Mexico

US Government preparing a travel advisory instructing Americans to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico

US Government is confirming 40 cases of the new swine flu in the U.S., with the 20 additional ones coming from a New York City school

University of Georgia professor suspected of killing his wife and two other men outside a community theater has a plane ticket to fly to the Netherlan

New York City financial workers see low-flying planes caused panic, Gov photo Opportunity

Same-sex couples tied the knot in Iowa on Monday as the controversial issue of gay marriage moved to the nation's heartland.

GM to shed Pontiac line and will cut 21,000 US factory jobs,

Mexico - Suspected swine flu deaths now at 149 4/27/2009

Obama administration said Monday it was responding aggressively as if the outbreak would spread into a full pandemic.

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari said on Monday that Bin Laden could be dead

Mexico closes schools nationwide due to swine flu

Verizon iPhone? - Rumor: Verizon iPhone would be introduced in 2010, when AT&T's exclusive iPhone deal expires.

5.6 Earthquake Hits Mexico - USGS said the epicenter was in Guerrero state, where the coastal resort of Acapulco

Good Evans - Singing Family perform for the judges on Britains Got Talent.

Britains Got Talent 2008 - Highlights of Britains Got Talent 2008

Britains Got Talent 2009 - Highlights for the show ritains Got Talent 2009

Clare Morton - 49 year old auditions for the judges by singing Fame, Britains Got Talent 2009

10 Year old Hollie auditions for the judges by singing I Could've Danced All Night., Britians got talent

Idaho issues swine flu warning - who traveled to San Diego, Texas, Mexico and have flu-like symptoms to contact their health care provider

Mary Ann Glendon - Abortion foe declines Notre Dame award

KFC free chicken - Visit a participating KFC restaurant today and you can try one piece of the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken 4/27/2009

Mexico City earthquake - A strong earthquake struck central Mexico on Monday, swaying tall buildings in the capital on 4/27/2009

Carl Edwards Crash - Bobby Allison left Talladega Superspeedway before Carl Edwards' car hurled into the safety fence and showered stands with debris.

CDC (Center for Disease Control) - Swine Flu warning

Greg Page - Former WBA heavyweight champion has passed away at the age of 50

Jayson Williams - Former New Jersey Nets star was stunned with a Taser in a New York City hotel room by police, described Williams as "suicidal"

CDC Swine Flu - Mexican Swine Flu - swine flu, cdc, swine flu symptoms, swine flu pandemic, cdc swine flu symptoms

Mexico Travel Warning (Swine Flu) - State Department to issue travel warning to Mexico

Border Still Open - Mexico's borders remain open for now, CA Gov opens emergency response center

Health Emergency - President Obama making remarks on Swine Flu

Mexican - Death toll mounts as lethal Swine flu virus sparks global, Mexico

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