Nova Scotia and B C - Six Swine flu cases confirmed in Canada

World Health Organization warned countries around the world- Swine flu draws international attention

Swine flu outbreak Economic impact Very early but SARS useful lesson Panel , Trade, Tourism

Spain Swine Flu - Now eight suspected cases of swine flu in Spain

How to Avoid the swine flu virus - Martin Blaser of New York University gives advice on how to protect yourself from the swine flu virus

Swine Flu 2009 - Started in Mexico has gone Global with cases in Europe, Australia, NZ as well as Canada besides the US

UK Swine Flu Fears -Scottish government that 2 people have been admitted to a Scottish hospital for assessment after displaying mild flu-like symptoms

Swine Flu May Be in France - Paris Woman Might Have Contracted the Swine Flu

Deadly swine flu combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans affecting young, healthy people the worst.

NPR reported that the deadly swine flu combines genetic material from pigs, birds & humans in a way researchers to suspect it was cooked up in a lab.

LA and Washington -- Federal officials today declared a public health emergency involving human swine flu, warning to be prepared, cdc, Mexico

World Health Organization warned countries around the world Saturday to be on alert for any unusual flu outbreaks after a unique new swine flu virus

Dr. Joe Bresee, with the CDC Influenza Division, describes swine flu - its signs and symptoms, how it's transmitted, medicines

Obama at risk of Swine Flu after travel to Mexico on April 16, 2009? White House says President Obama is NOT at risk of Swine Flu!

White House - White House Transcript: Briefing on Swine Flu Influenza Outbreak

New York Mayor Bloomberg press conference 26th April, Swine Flu , New York School

Gretchen Rossi Pics - Reality show star Gretchen Rossi is not a happy camper today after discovering posted photos of her top/less

Hampton Police and Hampton University school officials confirm there was a shooting on campus overnight.

2009 NFL Draft Grades Picks & Results - The 2009 NFL Draft will have two rounds on the first day April 25, and five rounds on the second day April 26.

Swine flu symptoms - What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?

Public Health Emergency - US government declared a public health emergency to deal with the swine flu outbreak as five states — including California

Nova Scotia and British Columbia have confirmed cases of swine flu, while new cases of the infection have been found in New York City

Health Official - Health officials gives swine flu results to the media. New York school

Texas Reports 2 Texas Boys have reportedly got this illness of the swine flu.

Swine Flu Baffles Health Experts - A deadly outbreak of the swine flu is taking over several parts of America. Mexico has han an outbreak

Governments around the world rush to halt the spread of a new strain of flu, Swine Flu, Over 80 died in Mexico

Doctor gives a Fox News interview explaining what the swine flu virus is and some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from it. Swine Flu

World Health Organization - Swine Flu Has Potential Global Pandemic- 4/26/09

Mexico reports 1300 suspected Swine Flu cases, including as many as 81 deaths, 4/26/09

A deadly new strain of swine flu has broken out in Mexico

Avian/Swine Flu Update - April 25 2009

CDC Human Swine Influenza Investigation - CA 7 cases, Kansas 2 cases, NY 8 cases, Ohio 1 case, Texas 2 cases, 4/26/09, swine flu

Mexico City close schools due to Swine flu outbreak, as many as 68 Mexicans have died

Swine flu likely in 10 New Zealand students - 13 high school students quarantined and tested for the virus after returning from Mexico on LA flight


Emergency declared as 20th swine flu case confirmed in Ohio

U.S. officials say the public health emergency is a precaution. Americans are told to prepare for outbreaks but not to panic., 20th swine flu Ohio

Travis Beckum - Giants selected Wisconsin TE Travis Beckum with the No. 100 overall pick in the NFL Draft

Brian Hartline - Miami Dolphins select Ohio State WR Brian Hartline in fourth round

Kraig Urbik - two third-round picks they acquired from Denver in a trade, the Steelers on drafted offensive guard-tackle Kraig Urbik from Wisconsin

Stephen McGee out of Texas A&M - Selected by the Dallas Cowboys, 100th overall pick in the NFL Draft

Keenan Lewis - Oregon State cornerback has been drafted with the 32nd pick in the 3rd round (96 overall) by the Pittsburgh Steelers

Juaquin Iglesias - Bears selected Sooner wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias in the third round

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