Baconnaise - It's spreadable mayo that tastes like bacon

George Stephanopoulos interviews Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Is Paula Abdul planning to leave 'American Idol'?

Jennifer Hudson pregnant with first child?

KC and the Sunshine band

Charles Grodin turns 74

Carmen Miranda

Thelma Houston on American Idol, in a too-small yellow dress to sing "Don't Leave Me This Way."

Harry Wayne of KC and the Sunshine Band on American Idol

Freda Payne performed “Band of Gold” on American Idol, he looked fantastic and was full of energy, the vocals were a bit on the sloppy

American Idol - Who went home this week?, american idol results 4/29/09

Popeye's Calls in Police for One-Day Chicken Discount, popeyes chicken, popeyes april 22, popeyes special

Tyrese Gibson estranged wife Norma Mitchell Gibson wants more $$$

Extinct animals - tasmanian tiger, aurochs, dodo bird, etc..

Apple 2Q Net Rises 15% On Strong Sales, Low Costs

Esther Nazarov and Fred Durst engaged - announced on twitter

RecycleBank: A Rewards Program For Recycling, Ron Gonen Named 2009 United Nations Environment Programme Champion

Allen Andrade was convicted of killing Angie Zapata, an 18 year-old transgender women from Denver Colorado.angie zapata, justin zapata, angela zapata

Vanessa Hudgens Say Ok Music Video (with Zac Efron)

Basshunter - "Now You're Gone"

YouTube: Mosaic Music Video a digital piece of art that was made from 1.4 million tiles, and thousands of unique YouTube video stills

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008

KATY PERRY "Hot'n'cold"

Beyoncé - "Halo", Beyoncé Halo from the album Halo

Miley Cyrus video "The Climb" Music Video

Full Version of Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent.

Boxer Owned by Himself? What a loser!

Happy Tree Friends video - Wishy Washy


Lady Gaga - explains 'Poker Face'

Miss USA California - HATES GAYS? Opposite Marriage is Opposite AMERICAN!

Miss California - Gay Marriage - Weed! It's the AutoTuned News!

Learning Guitar to Get Laid - An instructional video that teaches you everything you need to know, and nothing you don't.

Forest Animals- describe how a vagina became synonymous with the word "beaver" , Comedy

The students - Sunset Beach Elementary School sing along with Jack Johnson in a group rendition of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Earth Day

100 Single Ladies stop traffic - Beyonce's famous leggy dance in Piccadilly Circus, to celebrate the announcement by Trident of its free Beyonce

Miss USA 2009 - Top 5 Swimsuits Kristen Dalton

Perez Hilton - rude bigot comments to Miss California Carrie Prejean on gay marriage

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