Von Trapp Family Singers - The Sound of Music

Arthur Curry - HBO boxing expert, dies at 49

Addison's disease - results from damage to the adrenal cortex , damage causes the cortex to produce less of its hormones

Sound of Music - history of the von Trapp family, Georg Ritter von Trapp, Maria Kutschera (Maria von Trapp)

Polar bears attack - German woman trying frantically to escape a polar bear enclosure at Berlin Zoo

Thrilla in Manila - the third and final famous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World

Catch and Release - practice within recreational fishing intended as a technique of conservation. After capture, the fish are unhooked and released

Nora Roberts' Tribute - former child star (Brittany Murphy) buys her grandmother's farmhouse in Virginia and finds romance with her new neighbor

Real IRA - dissident nationalist group in Northern Ireland plan to carry out armed attacks in mainland Britain as part campaign for a united Ireland

Miracle banana diet - On Sprint commerical, Sprint Miracle banana diet

Galapagos Islands - volcano is erupting could harm unique wildlife.on the islands.

Mexican immigration - videos

14-foot Crocodile kills swimmer in Australia, DARWIN, Australia, Police found the remains of a 20-year-old man

green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole videoss

The National Polish-American Sports Hall Of Fame

Mark Fidrych - Former Detroit Tiger rookie sensation , to be inducted into The National Polish-American Sports Hall Of Fame

Princess Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar - told US Magazine that she has having difficult time after splitting with Count Alex de Lesseps.

Sam McGuffie (Freshman Running back) - who cannot play until 2010 after transferring from Michigan, suited up for the game

Bunny cakes - Just in time for Easter, Easter Bunny cakes

D ell settlement - About $1.5 million dollars is up for grabs for consumers after a class-action settlement between computer maker Dell and 34 states.

Harvey Pekar - an American underground comic book writer

Heart Attack Grill - a fast food hamburger restaurant in Arizona, USA. It has courted controversy by serving unashamedly high-calorie menu items

bloodworms - great for catching stripers, Lynn and Jim Gifford proved it as they bailed more than 50 bass, including five keepers

Melissa Huckaby - has been arrested in connection with the murder of Sandra Cantu. The 8-year-old Sandra was found dead in a suitcase

Theban Queen - queen of thebes

Collette Wolfe - Stars will star with Seth Rogen, Ray Liotta and Anna Faris in the comedy "Observe and Report,"

Vanessa Lengies - Her movie roles include: Waiting, Stick It, Buster's Class Project, The Perfect Man, and The Substance Of Things

Skylar Deleon (former Power Ranger) DEATH Sentence - convicted of murdering an Arizona couple by tying them to an anchor and throwing them overboard.

Bikini Royale

M4M - Abbreviation for men seeking men in an online chat room.

Pahokee, Florida - city located on the shore of Lake Okeechobee in Palm Beach County, Florida

Gore Vidal - Famous writter, guest on Bill Maher show

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