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Map of arkansas - tornado in arkansas, mena arkansas, arkansas map, tornado in mena arkansas,

USS Boxer- (Captain Richard Phillips hostage) amphibious assault ship will be nearby soon, Can carry up to 42 aircraft and about 1800 Marines

Liza Marquez - Ex-Girlfriend of David Caruso alleges that Caruso abused her. Slams him with lawsuit

Stations of the Cross - The story of how Jesus dies on the Cross, Good Friday

Poplar Forest - Thomas Jefferson's plantation and plantation house in what is now Forest, Virginia, near Lynchburg

USS Halyburton - guided-missile frigate USS Halyburton "is on site" of the small lifeboat where pirates are holding Captain Richard Phillips hostage

Is Shante Broadus dead? - Snoop Dogg's wife, Shante Broadus is NOT DEAD

Joe's sporting goods - expected to liquidate its stores after a bankruptcy court hearing this week

Hanky Panky Underwear - lingerie underwear started a revolution with the stretch lace thong.

Mena Arkansas tornado -"direct hit" from a tornado kills 3 in Mena, Arkansas, 4/10/09

Matt Quinn - Former reporter and his wife Cathy are dead from the Texas Wildfires (Montague County). His son is hospitalized. matt quinn wfaa

Pawnee Indiana - located 90 miles from Indianapolis and we are the state's seventh-largest city

Dan Miller died - He anchored at Channel 2 in the 1980s and was the sidekick on Pat Sajak's late-night show,

Bruce Springsteen affair? - New Jersey man has accused rock star Bruce Springsteen of having an affair with his wife. The man is divorcing his wife.

Mena Tornado - a tornado has hit downtown Mena, Arkansas State Police place the death count from tornado at two maybe three with 23 injured,

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