Kellie Pickler - American country music artist and television personality

Frankie Avalon (Venus video) strolls out singing Venus! on American Idol

Victoria Prince - Not too happy that Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are reportedly getting back together

Splice The Mainbrace - an order given aboard naval vessels to issue the crew with a drink, an order for one of the most difficult emergency

National Organization for Marriage - a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it

Gefilte fish - poached fish patties or balls made from a mixture of ground deboned fish, mostly common carp or pike. popular with Ashkenazi Jewish

Queens Center Mall death - person apparently committing suicide jumped from a railing at the Queens Center Mall and landed on a boy on ground floor

Salvia Becomes Illegal in Ohio - Salvia, however, is still widely available on the internet from Ebay to privately owned sites.

Drea de Matteo - Alleged diss of Lindsay Lohan has everyone talking.said - “Come at me, bitch.” I think Lindsay will land on her feet

My Flow So Tight - Smoke Jumpers song that criticizes Chris Brown because of the alleged altercation between him and Rihanna, gaining radio play

Ugueth Urbina - former relief pitcher in Major League Baseball. Attempted murder conviction in Venezuela., appeal is scheduled to be heard in 2009

Marvin Webster - Died, known to Knicks fans in the 1980's as the "Human Eraser", found dead in Ambassador hotel Tulsa

USS Bainbridge (American destroyer ) is tracking a US-flagged ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates, US crew rretaken ship

Pentagon officials said Wed that the American crew of a U.S.-flagged cargo ship had retaken control from Somali pirates who hijacked the vessel

U.S. crew have retaken hijacked ship - Somali pirates hijacked a U.S.-flagged, Danish-owned container ship on Wed with 20 American sailors

American Idol - Who went home this week? got kicked, who went home on american idol See Twitter's posts for the answer, down to 7

705 HP Hennessey HPE700 Camaro - grand total of 500 will be built and sold through select Chevy dealers

2010 Camaro - BFGoodrich’s Radial T/A Spec tires will come as original equipment on the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro LS

Virus Battery - (could power cars) energy storage - genetically engineer viruses to build positively & negatively charged ends lithium-ion

Macys Coupons

Maundy Thursday - Holy Thursday or Great and Holy Thursday, the day commemorating the Last Supper, holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter

Good Friday - The Friday on which the Church keeps the anniversary of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday

Barney Frank - in a heated showdown with a Harvard law student, Barney Frank meltdown, barney frank harvard, See it on video

Chag Sameach - traditional Hebrew greeting "chag sameach," or happy holiday.

President Barack Obama will celebrate Passover Thursday night with Seder meal.

Joel Osteen the senior pastor for the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas with wife, Victoria Osteen, is the co-pastor there.was on Larry King show

Victoria Osteen - Along with her husband Joel Osteen the senior pastor for the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas was on Larry King show

Famous Maker 74597 Digital Photo Converter

LED sheep - Goofy video of sheep covered with LED lights being herded around a hillside in the darkness

Show up to your local Denny's from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with a friend. Denny's will give your friend a free Grand Slamwich. Wednesday April 8, 2009

Walt Redmond jr - Virginia Beach - concert April 19, 2009

Spansion (SPSN) - settle patent litigation lawsuit; Samsung to pay SPSN $70 mln

Justin Gimelstob - worst commentator in tennis? with comments like "If Federer can't extend his comfort zone" and get more aggressive, he won't win

Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction -academy of country music awards

Holy Wednesday, also called Spy Wednesday - The betrayal of Judas

New York auto show - best place to compare the world’s finest cars and trucks with state-of-the-art autos. ny auto show

Chrysler Unveils a redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee Touted in Recovery Plan, 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2011 grand cherokee, new york car show,

Joba Chamberlain's DUI, video - police video of DUI arrest last October 23-year-old Yankees pitcher can be seen mocking Berra's diminutive stature

Watauga County Schools - April Snow Hits Mountains Watauga county schools canceled classes for the day April 8, 2009

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