Kelly Killoren Bensimon -was arrested last week for assaulting her longtime boyfriend, Nick Stefanov, New Real Housewives of New York City

Natalie Cole - will headline the 17th annual Capital Jazz Fest (June 5-7) at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland.

AmeriCorps - House $5.7 billion bill that triples positions, U.S. federal government program partnering with non-profit organizations, public agencies

Courtney Paris - From Oklahoma is the first four-time All-American in women's college basketball, courtney paris weight

Adam Lambert - Sang Wild Cherry's 'That Funky Music' on 'IDOL'

VP Biden's Daughter Cocaine Video - was it a setup/fake?

American idol theme - Most popular download on iTunes, Meet idol twitters here

iphone 3.0 beta 2 - The download is only available to registered iPhone developers

Duke University admissions - decisions known to applicants on March 26, said it admitted 17 percent of its applicant pool

University of Pennsylvania admissions - received 4 more applications this year when compared to last, the admission rate is the same as last year 17

Princeton admissions - Report Low Admission Rates

Cornell University admissions - admission rate for the incoming freshman class was 19 percent of those who applied, compared to 20 percent last year

Yale University admissions - admitted 7.5 percent of the 26,000 applicants for the class of 2013.

Harvard admissions - Report Low Admission Rates

Brown university admissions - Applications to Brown University surge this year

Columbia University admissions - This year Columbia University will offer admission to 2496 of its 25428 undergraduate applicants

Microsoft updates - Microsoft Marketplace has just dropped developer update fees, Facebook support and much more.

Britt Festival - Britt Classical Festival, Music from Mendelssohn to Stravinsk, set for July 31 through Aug. 16 in Jacksonville, Oregon

high school lacross - hot growing fast on the west coast

Ps2 price cut - Sony Cuts PlayStation 2 Price by 25 Percent, Sony has cut the North American retail price of the Playstation 2 by $30, still new games


Baitullah Mehsud - Pakistan’s Most Wanted. Mehsud is the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan, and he is now claiming that the assault in Lahore

Sandra Cantu - missing tracy girl, second-grader who went to visit a friend on Friday and never made it home

Addie Polk - became the national face of the foreclosure crisis last fall when she shot herself during an eviction, 91-year-old Addie Polk died Sunday

American idol theme - what is this weeks theme? is it Top 100 iTunes?American Idol theme, Lyrics and Videos

Blackwater - blackwater worldwide military contractor, blackwater security, blackwater usa

Benelli Vinci Shot Gun To be Unveiled

motorized bar stool - man has been charged with drunken driving after crashing his motorized bar stool

Margaret Greer - pleaded not guilty Monday to assault and battery on a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon

Andrew Bynum news - getting his par-tay on at the Playboy Mansion, andrew bynum at playboy mansion

Shaka Smart - Rams to hire Gators assistant Smart

Amanda Alexis Lee - Photos Burn Up the Web, 2009's Hometown Hotties contestant of Dallas, Texas, and she is currently setting the web on fire, hot

Mars - fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. The planet is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. It is also referred to as the "Red Planet

Hubble Space Telescope (HST) - a space telescope that was carried into orbit by the Space Shuttle Discovery in April 1990.

Space Shuttle Enterprise - not built for space flight, and was used only for testing purpose

Space Shuttle Columbia - broke apart during re-entry in 2003.

Space Shuttle Challenger - disintegrated 73 seconds after launch in 1986

International Space Station - research facility currently being assembled in Low Earth Orbit. On-orbit construction of the station began in 1998

Space Shuttle - Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour - Space Transportation System (STS), is the spacecraft currently used by the United States

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